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Cambodia Retreat

Anchored in simple and quiet happiness

I have not organized any retreat so far because first I had chosen Cambodia a long time ago form a place of liberation. Second, I was looking for the ideal format and spot that would really appeal to me, really call me. I have found it! It is a place nestled in the North East of Cambodia near Viet Nam. It is private, sophisticated and exquisite. While I was there last year I could feel that it has many secrets that I have endeavored to unveil with the group I am taking this year in November. However, before a 7 days stop at Chhlong by the Mékong River, our first stop at the mythical Angkor city of the Temple will enable us to recharge our batteries with loads of sacred energy, it will be like discovering what Cambodia has to unveil and has to say to us come to visit. Our meditations and morning flows will slowly lead us to the path of what yoga really is hwile we will discover an amazing cultural universe. Then we take a break in the capital city, Phnom Penh, at the time of The Water Festival. A time when the people celebrate water as a form of life and sustainability. We will have 2 days to indulge in the ceremonials on the Mékong and into the narrow streets and secrets of the city. So, when we reach our last stop, we will be ready to dive into quietness, to emerge as a group and as a yogic community. My goal is to show everyone the path to transformation.


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