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Yoga Training

Accredited  through Yoga Alliance and Fédération Francophone de Yoga


Much more than traditional training

Looking at things differently to allow you to optimize your skills that you all have within you and to use them to move forward in your life, improve your daily life, take events more gently and above all open up new perspectives with more strength and confidence.


For those who already know me, you know that this is what happened to me when I did my basic training in Hatha.

It's a world that opened up before me, I opened doors to infinity! But above all, I found the foundation I needed to take the big step I had dreamed of taking for years without having the courage to make a decision.

Yoga and its philosophy open our eyes first to ourselves and then to the world and our relationships with others. Better understanding our body, our movements also helps us to better understand our behaviors, new possibilities are available to us, and this is what makes the difference of all other practices.

This is what I want you to discover in the training that I have built with the aim of offering you flexibility, so that you can go at your own pace and that if your intentions change along the way and you decide to embark on the whole training 200hrs and more you will always have the choice to do so.

I am accredited by both Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 and the French Yoga Federation IYF 500H.

You will have a basic training in Hatha yoga and Vinyasa also because combining strength and movement with breathing allows us to address the needs of our Western culture.

Discover what I offer you to embark with me on this fascinating adventure!!

Hybrid Training 200 hours

The Foundations Of Yoga

What You Will Learn

Discover Everything Behind a Yoga Class

Learn of history that dates back thousands of years, and the philosophy and life of the yogi transposed to our everyday life. You will learn how to build a courses, establish a personal routine, how to stay diverse and avoid injuries.

Learn not just postures but also about a healthy lifestyle, discover seeing life differently by looking at ourselves and others in a different light.

Understanding the body in relation to the mind:

  • Put everything together (anatomy and movement)

  • Breathing: the basis of everything

  • Understand how the nervous system works and take more control

  • Seeing Postures Beyond Form: Understanding Why and How to Use Them to Improve Our Mental States

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