Join Us For Provence France 2022

May 30 - June 5

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Le Domaine Des Clos was our favorite in 2021

  • 1550€ Double Room
  • 460€ Extra for a single room

Many of you already know that I choose my retreat places with my heart, I am all the more happy to share with you the flavors of autumn in the country where I grew up.

As soon as you step through the gate of the Domaine des Clos, it is as if you were entering a new dimension. You feel protected and carried by a halo of well-being that suddenly wraps around you and does not leave you. You will want to stay forever!

A timeless space, an incredible team, warm amenities, food to die for, magical greenery, for us, once you enter this space, there is a before and an after.

In an idyllic provincial setting, between your practices and our moments of sharing, you will have the chance to get lost in beautiful surroundings in the heart of Provence, let steam off steam while running, lose your breath in endless walks and of course a lot of other activities for both men and women in a setting that allows you that breath of fresh air that we all need.

All punctuated if you wish with Reiki, hypnosis session, massages and other moments of calm.

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