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Between the Alpilles and the Camargue at the Domaine des Clos

A ritual meeting for all but also to include new people and expand our community.  A haven of peace and tranquility that I discovered almost by chance and that lends itself perfectly to the return on oneself and the deployment of your inner strengths. An incredible energy with which you leave every time!!

Meditation and Vinyasa to get moving in the morning.
In the afternoon, we experience Yin and Yoga therapeutic according to the needs of the group with classes focused on stress and anxiety, back pain, digestion and lymphatic circulation as well as the hormonal system. 

Finally, Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) targeted according to the needs of the group and according to my teachings in hypnotherapy. This is new for 2023.

Contact me privately for details.

Namasté to all!

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India 2022

Photos From Our India Retreat

Provence France 2022

Photos From Our France Retreat

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