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Provence France Retreat

The 4th edition of our Retreat in Provence at Domaine des Clos and the first BILINGUAL edition!!

Once you have experienced it, you can't do without it! This place is a Haven of Peace!

And you will have 2 yogis to guide you. Charlotte St Jean will be joining us:)) 

we will share the pleasure of guiding you all along your stay with us.

I know that quite a few of you are already aware of how it goes, however, I will explain again for the people who are new to this program.

These 7 days and 6 nights from September 8 to 14 will be dedicated to YOU.

We take care of you from the moment you cross the gate of Domaine des Clos until you leave so that you can totally relax and let go!

It is the same feeling as when you have been traveling for a long time, you finally land at your destination and drop your bags, that feeling that you can completely relax, take a deep breath and take it easy!

During these 7 days, we will make you move, breathe, relax and mindfully reflect on your own behaviours to bring more positivity in your life first towards yourself but also towards the people around you. We will be working on your nervous system reset and we will give you different tools to regain control over your emotions, your thoughts and even your sleep for you to come out stronger, more confident and feeling as if nothing could happen to you!!

AND!! Charlotte will guide you through some FACE YOGA!!

Also, during your week, you will be meeting with either of us in private to talk about a problem that particularly bothers you and is stopping you from going ahead in your everyday life . 

Charlotte will coach you with strategies and I will give you either a yoga therapy or hypnotherapy session. Take all the time you need to make your decision, take a look at the program below and let us know if you are "IN" !! If you could give us an answer before April 15, that would be perfect!


The price includes: 

- 3 daily meals

- 6 nights double room

- 4h of yoga everyday

- 1 therapeutic consultation

- 1 yoga therapy or hypnotherapy session on Zoom after the retreat


The price does not include:

- transportation to the hotel

- extra drinks

- massages

- visits or outings


Price: 1750 Euros double room

           2400 Euros single room


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