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Yoga nidra

Active hypnosis

Lie down on your mat, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let the voice of your teacher guide you to the infinity, the beauty and the mystery of the unconscious mind letting you discover who your really are, what animates you, what has built you and what triggers your intentions.

After 5 mn of yoga Nidra I always feel like a warm soft silky glove wrapping around my entire body starting with the arms and going onto the center towards the feet.

An incredible experience that is designed to change your patterns, addictions, erase memories and reshape your life.

In fact, yoga Nidra puts you into a modified state of consciousness. You are not sleeping and you are not awake either. The different steps through which you go before reaching this state create like a direct pathway to your unconscious mind, it is as if you were bypassing your conscious state to directly reach unconsciousness.


What is the unconscious?


It is like an infinite library, or a hard drive where your life has been imprinted from the day you were born and even before. All the different layers of memory, the patterns that you have created good and bad, everything is stored in there, and even some events that you did not even notice yourself are stored there. Some events that you have no recollection of are stored there.


So, when doing yoga Nidra, you get the opportunity to change what has been created over time in your brain for the best.

Yoga Nidra can help you overcome your fear of flying, your fear of speaking in front of a large audience, it can help you overcome various addictions like smoking, drinking… and also it can modify some of your behaviours or the way you look at yourself like a lack of confidence, excessive anxiety, depression.


And the beauty of the practice is that all you have to do is put yourself in a receiving mode, you don’t have to think or move an inch, you just lie down and let your teacher do the work for you!

So are you ready to jump?

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