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Simple meditation practice

So here is what you should do for a start

- Sit down on the floor, on a pillow, on a mat, on a meditation cushion, you can lean against the wall if you want. You should not be too comfortable, your back should be straight.


- Cross your legs and feel your hips bones equally set on the floor, there should be a sense of balance of the hips on the floor.

- Place your hands on your knees palms facing down if you want to get that grounding, or facing up if you feel you are ready to receive


- Push your hips into the ground as you inhale, feel your spine lengthening as your breath goes up to your lungs


- As you exhale feel all the tensions of the body give way to a feeling of extreme well-being. Repeat that 3 times


- Focus on your breath, don’t force anything, just breathe.

- Scan your body, starting with the body parts in contact with the ground:

   . Feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs and hip bones from right to left, feel that you are completely grounded, stable and strong.

- Then focus on the lower and upper abdomen, the solar plexus, the rib cage, the sternum, the throat, and all the face muscles: chin, jaws, tip of the nose, right eye, left eye, forehead and finish with the crown of the head

- Take a moment to just listen to your breath


- Then check your feelings: happy, excited, enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic or sad, worried, tense, pessimistic, exhausted…

 In any case, the exercise is to bring no judgement into your state of being, just acknowledge, just look at yourself with no good or bad, no right or wrong, no guilty feeling, just imagine yourself as worth it, as a magnificent human being whatever the situation.


- You can also do the same when your monkey mind starts talking to you and tells you that you forgot to call your mother-in-law, or you need to do this endless list today, or you suck because you were not able to solve this problem at work.


Just hear the monkey mind but let it fade away and return to your breath, listen to the sound of your breath.


Open your eyes and welcome what is in front of you



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