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What is meditation

Let’s make it simple: it IS accessible to everyone!!

It is therapeutic and it is part of your mind and body health.

It is the power to stop and look at yourself, to stop and think “what am I doing to myself right now?”, to stop and listen to your breathing and check how you are, instead of listening to this monkey who is in your brain and who is constantly talking to you to bring you down:

“Oh God! You forgot to answer this important e-mail!”

“Oh God! You did not call this client as you said you would do!”

“Wow! How I am going to make this interview!”


Do not go thinking that you need hours and hours of practice!!! You just have to stop for 10mn to 15mn for a start, it can be in the morning before you get out of bed, at the office in front of your computer, while cooking or preparing dinner, at night before you go to bed (although you might fall asleep…), it can also happen when you wake up at night and your monkey mind starts making the list of everything that is wrong in your life!!!


After a month’s practice, you will start changing your thinking patterns, you will feel more in charge of your thoughts, you will notice you are:


  • More patient

  • More able to look at yourself and stop if you get angry

  • More able to go back to sleep when you wake up at night

  • More able to regulate your heart beat

  • More able to control your thoughts


Once you start educating your brain, your perception of reality will also change, you will be more present for yourself and for others, you will think more positive, you will take more time to absorb life, you will be on the way to transformation.

Silence is the langage of the Heart -

If you control the mind, nothing will be wrong. - Yoga Sutra 1.2Samadhi Padah

How often are we able to stop and really listen? - Marie-F Mariette 

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