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Lolë and I as brand ambassador.

A long story...


This brand has always been part of my life, I saw it expand into yoga and gave my first Vinyasa class there.

It is the reason why we moved from California to Montreal, surf to yoga, from mild weather to extreme cold and snow.

Every move tests your brain capacity to readjust, reconstruct, to reinvent yourself.

I have been a brand ambassador since day one. I have seen the brand evolve and become mature, I have bonded with all the designers, done a countless number of meet ups in the stores, for charities, in hospitals, in schools, in universities in Canada and in France. I have never asked for anything in return because I already get a lot from every people that I have taught and also because I am proud to represent the values of this community which are also my values: authenticity, enthusiasm and dedication.

Also to be a brand ambassador has also given me the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people either working for the Lolë community or other amazing Lolë ambassadors whom I have had the privilege to work with.

Together we are one, Live Out Loud Everyday!

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