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marie françoise mariette - mai 27 - 2 min de lecture
Lolë White Tour : Story
7 years of Lolë White tours, Montreal, Paris, New York, Moma, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Biarritz, Cannes, Mont Blanc, Mont Tremblant…

It has been an incredible ride and a unique experience.

My husband, Bernard Mariette, has always been fascinated by the Bayonne Festival in the South West of France where every year, people gather dressed in white and red for the sake of being together and celebrate, grandparents and grandchildren, the rich and the poor, everyone. He, at that point, imagined bringing together thousands of people around one same goal: to do yoga together dressed in White and Yellow and for the cause of peace.

However, the Lolë White Tour is not just a yoga gathering, there is also live classical music, all the mats have been precisely displayed and people HAVE to be dressed in white otherwise they do not participate.

The harmony of colours and of movement is what makes our Lolë White Tour exceptional and reknown.

2000 yogis in Montreal for the first Lolë White Tour ever at the Olympic stadium. At the time, I was one of the participants and something bigger than a usual yoga class happened, like a big wave of emotions coming from the crowd and overpowering you and the others. It is the idea of sharing the same energy together, of moving and breathing at the same time, of bringing positivity into the world and the universe. Like many other participants I found myself crying in Savasana for the first time.

That was just the beginning, 4000 people all dressed in white queuing all around the Grand Palais in Paris, again lying down in Savasana and seeing the French flag floating in the wind brought out tears.

New York, 10,000 people gathered in Central Park dressed in White for the sake of being together in a peaceful environment

And so on, and so on, and so on…

The next Lolë White Tours happened on stage for me, and from this perspective, whether we were 80 in front of the Mont Blanc, 200 in Biarritz, 1500 under the Eiffel Tower or 7000 last year in Montreal, the feeling has been all the same, it is all about connection, all about that oneness, all about sending out our love to the planet and the universe. It is also amazing to think that during that moment people share the same goal of breathing and moving together doing yoga.

When you stand on the stage you are really holding everyone together, this unique fascinating human energy is coming back right to you and the wave of emotions is even more intense. People keep on coming every year because it is a one of a kind experience where everyone is different but also the same.

Because it is the illustration of yoga which is to experience within, to find the way to self-transformation to be able to bring it out to the world as a therapy of healing, to live out the moment and be at peace with yourself and the whole wide world.

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