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You have probably seen or heard this word a lot!!! What does it mean to you?

 Where is your balance, what makes you stand on your two feet? Why is it so important? Not everyone finds their balance the same way, it is all a question of perception, background and intention


To me life is about finding balance. It is not black or white but it is black AND white.


AND, before finding your balance you need to find your grounding.

Standing on your 2 feet, on one foot, on both hips…

What makes you feel grounded in your life?

For me it is health, work, and happiness of my family


Let’s see where you are at:

How much do you work?

How much do you love?

How much do you laugh, have fun?

How much do you travel?

How much do you eat?

How much do you exercise?

How much do you sleep?

How much do you watch TV?

How long do you spend on your social media?

How much time do you spend with your family?

How much do you socialize?

How much sugar do you eat?

How much alcohol do you take?


We need our Yin and our Yang, party and laugh and rest and do nothing

Work, find accomplishment and travel, see the world

Exercise your body and spend time reading or watching TV

Nothing is good or bad as long as long as it works for you and your balance

I can say that I am able to stand on my feet because of diversity, lack of excess and measure

I eat everything including carbs but not too much, I eat sugar but not too much, I eat meat but not too much.

It is the same with work, travel, social life, sports, yoga…

 It is that “not too much” concept that brings balance into my life!


How about you? Where do you find your balance?

Does the “not too much” concept make sense for you?

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