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Experience& Knowledge

Preparing to teach a yoga class requires some preparation. You choose a theme or peak pose and then you start thinking, you write it down and draw the poses and also write a few hints of what you want to convey during your class. If you stop at this stage, once you get in front of your practitioners you will soon realize that you forgot to add that backbend to prepare for the next posture, or you had not realized that in that posture you needed to activate that muscle… Oh yes! You need to practice yourself the whole class before you can teach it! In other words, no matter how well you know about all the ingredients of your recipe, if you do not live and experiment from inside, for real, and it is even more relevant for yoga. You should feel your class from beginning to end. And obviously, that’s what happens in everyday life. It is essential that you experiment, feel, live, smell, touch and absorb knowledge otherwise it is like water on a glass window it flows on it but nothing is left. That is the beauty of teaching, and more particularly yoga, the mission is to find the words to make them feel the experience, to make them live the moment, to make them understand that it is not only about the body but most of all about what is already alive within yourself.


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