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Improve, cure, heal

Did you know that therapeutic yoga can address diseases like hypertension, thyroid problems, diabetes type II, obesity, back pain, sciatica, asthma. It can improve arthritis, immune system diseases, it can heal patients with cancer, depression, burn out and so on…

It takes breathing exercises, yoga postures done mindfully, Kria yoga, chanting, meditation, and sound healing including OM and Mantra chanting.

It also takes changing your diet, eating and drinking more healthy and organic, reorganizing your schedule, being more present for yourself, listening more to your body and bringing the idea of balance into your life.

An every day practice brings you outstanding results that you would never have dreamt of.


In fact, most of the time we rely on our Western ways of addressing our illnesses while ignoring that our potential is huge!

Therapeutic yoga is a very natural way of treating diseases and it is worth the try however it is too bad that people should wait until the last resort before they decide to consult a yoga therapist.

Yoga is not just a practice, it was carefully thought and built thousands of years ago in order to heal and to work on yourself.

Stirra Sukham Asanam is one of the first yoga Sutras of Patanjali and it says that the goal of yoga is to find comfort and ease in the pose and if the pose is performed properly then it heals and cures.

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