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Why teach yoga to kids and teens?

Kids who do yoga are quieter and less stressed.

Yoga is about learning how to control and take care of your body and mind and kids at an early age are in the process of learning how to control their body and mind, that is why yoga is a precious tool for a kid in learning. To teach a kid how to stop for a few minutes, close their eyes and listen is already a big step towards consciousness. If learnt at an early age, they will be able to use the tool throughout their school years, during exams, when they go through difficult times and later on for their first interview. To teach a kid how to breathe, how to let their anger out, how to manage their hyperactivity will be very useful when dealing with their friends, their teachers, their parents, their brothers and sisters. It has been now proven that kids who do yoga are quieter and less stressed. The yoga postures give them more awareness of their own capacities, of their potential, they see movement and breath as a way to have fun. To teach a kid how to use mantras and songs in order to feel more self-confident, to see themselves in a positive way, to even visualize themselves as super heroes or as shining human beings will give them tools to become not only responsible adults who make decisions, but also know why and where they are going. To teach a kid yoga postures gives them more awareness of their own capacities, of their potential, they see movement and breath as a way to have fun.

Stress management is essential for teenagers. I have often been asked to help teenagers with yoga most of the time before exams. They need to be able to calm down their anxiety and find focus to be able to perform better. In many cases what needs to be done is a lot of Pranayama like Ujjayi breathing or even simply ratio breathing with longer exhales than inhales. Then I guide them to a 5 mn meditation in which they visualize their grounding first, do a body scan and visualize themselves into a positive situation. Then we go into back bending, because after working at their desk or in front of their Ipads or else they need to open their chest and simply let the air in! It is simple, it does not take too long and it is very effective. Obviously, this is just a sample, a lot more can be done also for teenagers suffering from stronger anxiety disorders, depression, behavioral problems. The purpose is to make them more in control and:

  • Better focus

  • Have more control over the hormones

  • Improve willpower

  • Better perform during the exams

  • Improve anxiety

  • Heal and prevent depression

  • Give a better understanding of how they function

  • Help in finding their own path


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