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It only takes an everyday 15 min practice to train your mind to listen, observe, and change our neuro pathways.


You learn to know yourself more, to see yourself and how you react to everyday life's challenges. I guide you all the way through it and it is part of our yoga practice, remember Yoga is body AND mind!

Join my practice and access a library of audio meditation aids

Meditation is accessible to everyone

The mind is the starting point of everything: walk, talk, smell, speak, think, feel, it even determines whether you will be healthy or sick, happy or sad, lazy or full of energy. The way we think, our intentions are directly connected to our body, to our neurological system, to our different layers of energy. ​ To be able to stay physically and mentally healthy it is essential that we train our mind.

It is accessible to everyone, it does not need a lot of setting up or special attire. We are all able to stop, close our eyes (or not, some people prefer to keep them open) and start see what happens inside this endless universe 10 to 20mn a day or even 2 to 3 times a week for a month will start changing your thinking patterns, you will notice you are:

  • More patient

  • More able to look at yourself and stop if you get angry

  • More able to go back to sleep when you wake up at night

  • More able to regulate your heart beat

  • More able to control your thoughts

Once you start educating your brain, your perception of reality will also change, you will be more present for yourself and for others, you will think more positive, you will take more time to absorb life.

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