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Yoga IS for everyone

“yoga is about the flexibility of the mind”

How often do we hear: “Oh no! I can’t do yoga, I am not flexible enough” or “Oh no, yoga is not for me, I am not spiritual” or even better: “Oh no, yoga is for girls”


How have we come to those everyday conclusions? What image of yoga are we conveying to our Western World? Why do men feel that they should not do yoga whereas in India it is a majority of men who practice?


We have created the perfect flexible yoga girl.

While some people are born as flexible as a spaghetti like the artist of Cirque du Soleil, others have become stiff over the years, and also some people cannot be flexible because of their body structure (femur, hips, bone structure…)


I teach corporate yoga and in my classes I find all 3 types together in one class and this diversity does not stop them from coming back. They have become accustomed to them being them, in other words to accepting their own beauty in their own uniqueness.


Our flexibility is in our mind, the patterns that we have created represent our perception of what we are. Sometimes, the mind can be twisted and not tell us about what we really are. That is what we teach. How to see yourself positively, how to realize your potential, how to use our imperfections as allies and not as enemies.


PS: when I started doing yoga I was as stiff as a stick, be open, be daring, be confident

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