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Diversity builds up character as a whole

I am French and also Canadian since April of this year. I have lived in France, Great Britain, California, Canada, a little in Asia and have traveled many places around the world.

I am a yogi, a runner, a tennis player and a Thai Boxing practitioner.

My intention has always been the same:

to become a teacher, to share my passions and help people evolve


I taught English in France to the youngest and the eldest students for 15 years and YES! I was definitely born for that!

Then we moved to California where I discovered and delved into yoga. My first instructor, Geo Moskios, an Ashtangi, taught me the physical and therapeutic side of the practice along with the breath and movement benefits.


It was not until we moved to Montreal 10 years ago that I did my first Hatha Yoga teacher training there with Hervé Blondon at Satyam Yoga. From then on, I realized I had stepped into a world of infinite discovery, derived from ancient knowledge that I have been dedicated to pass through generations.

I got almost 1000 hours in various teacher trainings from traditional Hatha, Advanced Vinyasa, Restorative to Therapeutic, Yin and also Kid’s yoga which to me is essential and must be spread all over schools, among kids, teenagers, teachers and parents.


I also am a Lolë ambassador and feel very much privileged and honoured to have had the opportunity to attend and then teach many Lolë White Tours here in Canada, but also in the United States and in France. This unique experience puts this simple truth into perspective:

 Yoga IS for everyone, the flexibility is in the mind.


Finally, the reason why I put this website together is because my dream is to make people feel better, to teach them a lifestyle, an everyday practice and habits that will change their life and bring more focus into their intentions for the future. I not only want to share with you but also help you find a better mental and physical health so you live a life of well-being and be more in charge of your own self.

It is a whole lifestyle that I am offering you, which will heal your stress and anxiety, soothe your physical pain, improve or even cure some of your ailments or diseases and most of all will strengthen your body and mind.

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